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Birthdate:Aug 21
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Passionate, Sylvan (aka "Joshuwain") was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on August 21st, 1967 at 9:58 in the morning, giving his mother a Grand Mal seizure. At times, he's toyed with the thought that somehow this meant he was destined for great things, but -really- in the years that have followed he's neither gotten a glowing green ring from outer space nor written the Great American Novel. Still, he seems to write a few interesting things, now and then, but mostly just enjoys life as a geek.

Joshuwain, you see, was a centaur (called a "Caflenal" in the stories Sylvan wrote about him) and filled an iconic role in a few tales about coming of age. While Sylvan himself never had an older sibling and, in fact, was the eldest of all the grandchildren on his mother's side of the family (and second-oldest on the other side), he wrote strongly about young Joshuwain coming out of his brother's shadow.

Nicknamed "Josh", his adventures never went beyond three tales but the character came to epitomize an uncertain yet kind fellow just stepping into the world for the first time.

This is an attitude that Sylvan often feels about himself, despite his age.

He's definitely a Leo and used to wear his long hair like a lion's mane down his back. His interests, listed -in part- below, include a strong affinity for Wolves, Horses and Ravens. These three species, for mostly aesthetic and subjective spiritual reasons, represent the depth of emotion that he has fostered in his love of animals. His long-lasting friendship with Domino, a Wolf at the Como Park Zoo, was well-known to his more human friends.

Minneapolis is Sylvan's home, the Twin Cities being one of the most wonderful places on the face of the Earth from the standpoint of blended art, nature, and urban reality. Even in the heart of downtown, you can find old ruins from the settler days, over a hundred years ago. The combination of these elements have created an impossibly high standard in places he'd ever want to live, although he's considered Seattle and Toronto.

Who knows?

Maybe he'll head out that way some time...

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